Landscape, Travel & Wildlife Photography

Visit my gallery for incredible coastal scenes, mountain vistas, moose & more!

People & Pet Portraits

Special moments caught on camera, whether they be people or fur babies.  On location or at my studio.

Video Editing

Send me your digital video and I'll help you convey your message in a clear and concise manner.


Conservapix provides photography and video editing services. Specialities include landscape, wildlife, portrait, and product  photography.  My go to camera is a Nikon D810. Final Cut Pro X software is used to for video editing to help you share your event or message in a concise and clear manner.

A lifelong love of drawing and painting has made me a better photographer.  From the get-go, I looked through the viewfinder with an artist's eye, envisioning the rule of thirds, patterns, color, and how the eye might travel around the picture.

The gorgeous state of Maine provides beautiful settings for outdoor portraits and my home studio is fully equipped with studio lights, backdrops, and props. When I create a portrait I want to see a beautiful background, bright, clear eyes and lots of personality.

I have years of experience editing linear and non-linear video. Time flies when I'm piecing together the great moments of a video and shedding the non-essential bits to achieve clarity and flow.  It is so satisfying to send your video back to you even better than it was the first time around.

This business evolved from me doing what I love. My goal is translate that passion and experience into a product that you will love too.

Chair on Daicey Pond Dock